Laska WWB 200 Frozen Block Grinder
[ID: 541]

Completely rebuild, in excellent order. With elevator, NEW blades and knifes

Bowl Cutter Laska KCU 200 DC [ID: 542]

Used machine in excellent order, 5500 working hours ONLY. NEW panel

Bowl Cutter Laska 130 AC [ID: 532]

Year 2012 in excellent order, 5000 working hours only

Karl Schnell Feinstzerkleinerer [ID: 535]

KS DKV 225 Typ 138/188 AMN. Used machine year 2012, as back from customer

Poly Clip 3430 [ID: 537]

new Panel, new FU

Poly Clip 3463 / 40 up to 120 [ID: 534]

Used machine in good shape. - Rollenauslauf 800, GSA 20, Traverse mit Schwenkrollenhalter

LASKA Grinder Mixer 200/2000 litres paddelmixer [ID: 422]

with new Tote Bin Loader and new PLC, complete overhauled.

Grunwald/Hittpac AKH-059/3 [ID: 529]

Used Machine as back from Customer as on pictures

Grinder Mado Ultra 130 [ID: 504]

Year 2019 in like NEW condition. Was in use for product trials

KS DKV 225 [ID: 496]

Year 2012 / 132 KW / 7 tons per hour. Used machine as back from customer in good order

Injectstar BB 3000 Bonebreaker/ BL 800 Lift Big Box 800 kg / and Belt Conveyor [ID: 491]

All in like new Condition . Big Capacity to break Bones before pressing with Separator P 60 or P 100

Poly Clip TSCA 160 L [ID: 488]

sealing and clipping machine in excellent order

Inject Star BL 800 Lift [ID: 473]

in like New Condition

Knochenseparator / Boneseparator Inject Star P20 [ID: 428]

Used machine in excellent order, 1050 workinghours only

Laska Cutter KU750 Vacuum DC [ID: 369]

Used machine in excellent order. - Main motor and frequent former are rebuild by Company Baumueller like new now. New Bearings on Knife shaft, new hydraulic pump, new motor and gear ring for Bowl, new ejector disc, new motors on Loading device, new Operating panel, vacuum pump Bush, new  Set of Knifes and one used.

Bowl Cutter Laska 500 DC Vacuum Cooking and Cooling [ID: 386]

Completely overhauled. Elektrik New Baumüller BKF 7000 New SPS New Panel. All Motors NEW or rebuild also Hydraulic and New Pipes for Cooking Systeme, Vacuum Pump Busch 250 extern 2 SET New Knifes.


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