Poly Clip FCA 3463 [ID: 697]

Year 2015, in very good order, raw sausage brake, stamp option, chubs from 40 to 120 mm diameter

Poly Clip 3462 [ID: 698]

Used machine as back from customer in working order

Poly Clip FCA 3430 [ID: 683]

Range of calibres 24 up to 90, cycles up to 200, clip sizes 122/15. Used machine in very good shape

Poly Clip FCA 3442 [ID: 684]

Used machine rebuilt in excellent order , diameter up to 75 mm. Performance up to 130 cycles/min. Suitable for plastic-cellulose and collagen casings

FORMULA FZ 225 [ID: 690]

MAX — Fernando — Landon — Luis

LASKA FZ 225 / 133 KW [ID: 691]

Used machine, rebuild, in good working order, year 2011

LASKA FZ 225 / 133 KW [ID: 692]

Year 2013, new main motor installed, 0 working hours on main motor, ready to go

LASKA FZ 225 / 133 KW [ID: 693]

Year 2018, used machine rebuild, in very good shape.

LASKA FZ 225 / 133 KW [ID: 694]

Year 2020, never used in a factory, 33 working hours only, in like new condition

EKOMEX Paddelmixer ML 1000 Vacuum [ID: 675]

Rebuild from year 2010 with Loader (200l)

Waldner Tray Sealer TS 40 [ID: 622]

Waldner TS 40, doppelspurige Anlage mit Abfüllstation, Begasung, Vacuum 2 Magazine rund und eckig mit Foliendrucker. Die Anlage wurde regelmäßig gewartet und ist betriebsbereit in sehr gutem Allgemeinzustand. - Waldner TS 40, double-track system with filling station, gassing, vacuum 2 magazines round and square with foil printer. The system has been serviced regularly and is operational in very good general condition.

LASKA Gefrierfleischschneider G 740 [ID: 662]

Baujahr 2019, Gebrauchtmaschine in TOP Zustand mit Lift für Blöcke

Handtmann Aufhängelinie [ID: 661]

AL-System, Type: PVLH 226,  Year 2021. In like new Condition, Abdreh -und Hängelinie PVLH 226. Für Würstchen in Natur-, Collagen— und Schäldarm. Leistungsdaten bis 2000 Port/ min,    Kaliber 13—50 mm. Bis 1000 Port/Min im Naturdarm. Kaliber bis 38/40

Conveyor for Blocks to Grinder [ID: 653]

and optional Screw Conveyor from Grinder to ?

LASKA WWB 200 Frozen Block Grinder [ID: 652]

In very good order with conveyor for blocks

Poly Clip ICA 8700 [ID: 624]

Used machine in very good shape

Poly Clip TSCA 120 [ID: 608]

Used in good working order.

Cutter LASKA KCU 200 DC [ID: 621]

Steeples Drive, in very good condition

Grunwald/Hittpac AKH-059/3 [ID: 529]

Used Machine as back from Customer as on pictures

ICE Flaker MAJA, RVH 3000, Maja Bunker [ID: 614]

used equipment in good order ex Austria

LASKA Mincer WW 200 2 G [ID: 609]

Used machine in excellent order, new Drive Gear installed

Laska WWB 200 Frozen Block Grinder [ID: 541]

Completely rebuild, in excellent order. With elevator, NEW blades and knifes

Laska Cutter KU750 Vacuum DC [ID: 369]

Used machine in excellent order. - Main motor and frequent former are rebuild by Company Baumueller like new now. New Bearings on Knife shaft, new hydraulic pump, new motor and gear ring for Bowl, new ejector disc, new motors on Loading device, new Operating panel, vacuum pump Bush, new  Set of Knifes and one used.

Bowl Cutter Laska 500 DC Vacuum Cooking and Cooling [ID: 386]

Completely overhauled. Elektrik New Baumüller BKF 7000 New SPS New Panel. All Motors NEW or rebuild also Hydraulic and New Pipes for Cooking Systeme, Vacuum Pump Busch 250 extern 2 SET New Knifes.


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