REX RKS 85, Calibration unit from Year 2012 [ID: 291]

RKS 85 - the calibration genius:
The REX RKS is the universal solution for the exact calibration of all artificial and natural casings; it is also so adaptable that it can be integrated into all process solutions. It was designed to meet the requirements of different-sized operations. The most important aspect of calibration is to define an exact length and best possible weight precision as the basis for cost-efficient production. The ability to switch easily from artificial to natural casings and vice versa is a further important faction towards efficiency and versatility.

The sausages twisted off by the holding device are directly passed on to the two conveyer belts of the RKS. This arrangement optimizes the twisting-off process and minimizes the number of rejects due to split skins. The conveyor belts are height-adjustable and are thus easy to set for all casing sizes. In the RKS, casings are calibrated to the desired diameter, thus ensuring that the sausages produced are of identical weight and length. This increases the product quality, and allows you to meet your specific quality criteria.


REX RKS 85, Calibration unit from Year 2012

REX RKS 85, Calibration unit from Year 2012

REX RKS 85, Calibration unit from Year 2012

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