LASKA Grinder Mixer 200/2000 litres paddelmixer [ID: 138]

with new Tote Bin Loader and new PLC, complete overhauled.

Frozen Meat Grinder LASKA WW 160 G [ID: 145]

Complete refurbished with Lift. 1 speed, 35Kw. Used machine in as new condition

Injector Injectstar BI -204-C-P from Year 2009, 9Kw/10bar. [ID: 146]

It was in use for chicken meat. As back from Costumer in good order-as is. - BI-204 C with computer control for setting and display of production parameters, frequency control for brine pressure and injection speed.

MTV PSB 29 washer for 200L Trolleys [ID: 137]

used machine from Year 2003, steam heated, in as is condition.

Icemachine MAJA SA 700 [ID: 133]

Refurbished with new Maja Tank 1500Kg, capacity 700Kg per Day.

Weber Messerschleifmaschine [ID: 126]

Type: MSA 650/2, machine number: 188, year of construction: 2000, 400 V, 50 Hz, 0.32 kW, dimensions: 1400 mm x 1000 mm x 1280 mm.

Baader 603 Softseparator [ID: 118]

Built in 2000,supplied with 3 drums all 5 mm, complete with Prebreaker

Grasselli Skinner [ID: 120]

As back from Costumer in good order

4 x Tumblers [ID: 113]

6000 L, 3000 L cool, 1500 L cool, 1400 L

Tumbler 1500 Litres cooling [ID: 110]

Weber-Cooling-Tumbler VKTH 1500 - 7 kw - 16 ah - 380 Volt - Weight: 950 kg - Size: L2600xW1620xH2550 mm - Capacity 750kg/1500 ltr. - Complete refurbished with new Mikster PLC MCM 023

Injector BI 52 from INJECTSTAR [ID: 11]

complete overhauled in as new condition, Completely new control panel, new needles  18x4mm (52 pcs), new brine pump, width of transport belt 290 mm, power 2,2 kW,  dimensions 1450/500/1700 mm

Laska Frozen Block Flaker KB 620 with conveyor [ID: 13]

Complete refurbished. Conveyor with step less drive, can be used for Frozen Blocks or for breaking Bones.

Injector Injectstar BI 152C [ID: 33]

With brinetank. In good order. Year 2004

Autoclave Scholz - Lubeca 4 Trolleys [ID: 20]

Year 2007, Hersteller: Scholz Coesfeld/Westfalen, Maschinen Nr.: 44.559, Sterilisationsanlage: LW 2020 St 4, Hinweis: wenig benutzt

Mixer ME 260 litres, spiral paddle [ID: 21]

in as new condition, from Year 2013

VEMAG FKF Dosenfüllmaschine [ID: 34]

für Durchmesser 73mm und 99mm, komplett überholt. Modell - A500RF, Typ: 601, Nummer: 6010400, 380V, 11 A, 50 Hz. Die Maschine arbeitet mit dem Geraet Typ: 651.

Laska WMW 2020 [ID: 42]

200 litres Grinder with 2000 litres Paddelmixer, used machine as back from the costumer in as is condition.

PSS Meat and Bone Separator S280, from Year 2003 [ID: 45]

Reconditioned, 37 kW. Best results for Chicken MDM

Tumbler Henneken B8 6400 Liter, Bj. 2004 [ID: 49]

Ideal für den Einsatz in der Salzerei, mit 3 Schikanen.

Karl Schnell KS B22  Type 250 1400 litres, 48 kW, from Year 2000, complete refurbished [ID: 53]

KS B22 combines the stages of pre-cutting, mixing, emulsifying and homogenising with thermal processes into one machine. The following products can be produced: mayonnaise, dressing, tartar sauce, sauces, marinades, horseradish, vegetable paste, letscho, liver pates, surimi, delicatessen salads etc.

Edelstahlschneckenförderer (screw Augers) [ID: 64]

from length= 4000mm up to 6000mm, dimension 200mm bis 300 mm

Maja Schneidemaschine [ID: 71]

Typ FPS 40, Baujahr 2000, zum Schneiden von Schnitzeln, Steaks und Bratenscheiben; 40-55 Takte/Minute; sehr guter Zustand, excellent condition

Mastbeschickung für 600kg Behälter [ID: 73]

original von Karl Schnell, 4000 Liter Mischer. Zustand neuwertig


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