LASKA Grinder Mixer 200/2000 litres paddelmixer [ID: 138]

with new Tote Bin Loader and new PLC, complete overhauled.

HOLAC Dicer HA 125 NP [ID: 231]

Used machine in good order. It is including: Single knife, Fourfold knife, - Rasping disc, 2 gridsets.

INOTEC Microcut 175 CD 90D [ID: 232]

Year 2004, 90 Kw, as back from Customer in good order.

InjectStar Tumbler 2500 Liter [ID: 233]

With Loader, in good working order.

Bowl Chopper LASKA KU 750 DC, with Vacuum from Year 2009 [ID: 230]

242 Kw, step less drive, Used machine in very good order.

Bowl Chopper KILIA 250L Vacuum, 3000RS [ID: 225]

Used machine, as back from Customer in good working order.

Bowl Chopper LASKA KU 330 DC, from Year 2004 [ID: 224]

148 Kw, steppless drive, used machine as back from Customer.

Tumbler NOWICKI 400L cool [ID: 222]

used machine in very good order

Vacuum Tumbler Nowicki 5400L cool [ID: 221]

used machine, complete overhauled, new electric and panel. In as new condition

Polyclip FCA 3463 + Handtmann VF 630 [ID: 220]

Used Polyclip 3463 calibre 40 up to 120mm, complete overhauled, in excellent condition. - POLY-CLIP  FCA-3463 -B.J. 2006 -MASCHIENE KOMPLETT ÜBERHOLT -ALLE LAGER NEU , MATRIZE NEU, STEMPEL NEU, -NEUES TRANSPORT BAND -ZWEI TÜLLE N MIT BREMSE 40mm -ZWEI TÜLLEN  MIT BREMSE 28mm -DREHAUTOMAT FUR TÜLLE -DOKUMENTATION -TOP ZUSTAND   -KALIBER 45 bis 120mm - Applications The FCA 3463 automatic doubleclipper closes all plastic, fibrous and collagen casings from a calibre of 40 to 120 mm, and even larger in the case of special applications. This flexibility in the calibre range is achieved by rapid change of the clip sizes from 15 to 18 mm and of the voiding distance from 30 to 36 mm. For loose filling, free from air, of formed products, an additional overspreading with a total voiding distance of 130 mm is available. - For chubs from 40 to 120 mm diameter Up to 120 cycles per minute – continuously variable EASY TOUCH for easy and comfortable operation Robust stainless steel design ensures long machine life

Handtmann VF 630, mit HV [ID: 199]

Bj. 2004, komplett überholt TOP Zustand. - Neue Vakuumpumpe, neue Pumpenflügel, Pumpenrotor neuwertig (Höhe: 49,9 mm), - neue Steuerung, Zustand Brätpumpenring u. Seitenscheibe gut. Mit Abdrehgetriebe, mit Beschickung und Haltevorrichtung

Tumbler Challenge RMF MM3, 5000 litres [ID: 219]

Used machine in good order with Loader and separate Vac Pump Rietschle.

Microcut KS 119 FD 225D, 75Kw [ID: 196]

Complete refurbished with 4 hole Blades.

Wolfking Productpump Contiflow 250S, 11Kw [ID: 195]

Used machine in good order. - Abmessungen (L x B x H) : ± 2.600 x 1.300 x 1.100  mm; - 4-20 m³/h; - Trichter ± 300L: Abmessungen (L x B x H) : 1.200 x 1.000 x 800 mm

Cutter Alpine PB 125 l [ID: 193]

Komplett überholt, 3 Messergeschwindigkeiten, bis 4600 upm, 2 Schüsselgeschwindigkeiten und ein Mischgang. Complete overhauled in as new condition

VELATI Grinder Mixer  180 [ID: 178]

overhauled, last service was made in 2014, in very good order.

PSS Meat and Bone Separator S280, from Year 2003 [ID: 45]

Reconditioned, 37 kW. Best results for Chicken MDM

Handtmann VF100, refurbished in excellent order [ID: 175]

HANDTMANN Vakuumfüller VF 100-240 Nr. 896,gebraucht, repariert. - Füllen, Portionieren, Abdrehen, incl. Abdrehgetriebe 34-4, - MC-Steuerung, Armhebebeschickung 83-6 für 200l Wagen, 240 L Trichter

Rühle Dicer SR 2 [ID: 160]

complete refurbished

Injector InjectStar BI 204 C-P [ID: 163]

From Year 2009, it was in use for Chicken Meat. In excellent working order.

Filler REX RVF 740 [ID: 156]

Code 7401190429, used machine as back from Customer in good order, as is.

Weber Messerschleifmaschine [ID: 126]

Type: MSA 650/2, machine number: 188, year of construction: 2000, 400 V, 50 Hz, 0.32 kW, dimensions: 1400 mm x 1000 mm x 1280 mm.

Laska Frozen Block Flaker KB 620 with conveyor [ID: 13]

Complete refurbished. Conveyor with step less drive, can be used for Frozen Blocks or for breaking Bones.

VEMAG FKF Dosenfüllmaschine [ID: 34]

für Durchmesser 73mm und 99mm, komplett überholt. Modell - A500RF, Typ: 601, Nummer: 6010400, 380V, 11 A, 50 Hz. Die Maschine arbeitet mit dem Geraet Typ: 651.

Laska WMW 2020 [ID: 42]

200 litres Grinder with 2000 litres Paddelmixer, used machine as back from the costumer in as is condition.

Karl Schnell KS B22  Type 250 1400 litres, 48 kW, from Year 2000, complete refurbished [ID: 53]

KS B22 combines the stages of pre-cutting, mixing, emulsifying and homogenising with thermal processes into one machine. The following products can be produced: mayonnaise, dressing, tartar sauce, sauces, marinades, horseradish, vegetable paste, letscho, liver pates, surimi, delicatessen salads etc.

Edelstahlschneckenförderer (screw Augers) [ID: 64]

from length= 4000mm up to 6000mm, dimension 200mm bis 300 mm

Maja Schneidemaschine [ID: 71]

Typ FPS 40, Baujahr 2000, zum Schneiden von Schnitzeln, Steaks und Bratenscheiben; 40-55 Takte/Minute; sehr guter Zustand, excellent condition

Mastbeschickung für 600kg Behälter [ID: 73]

original von Karl Schnell, 4000 Liter Mischer. Zustand neuwertig


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